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LONDON 46 New Broad Street, EC2M 1JH London

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We’re always looking for talented people to join the FLICKERING WALL team. Send your details and work to wendy@flickeringwall.com


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    Creating & Producing Great Stories…

    We work directly with business and brands to create compelling film and tell great stories.

    Flickering Wall is an international storytelling film company. We collaborate with some of the world’s most successful companies developing original stories to bring their brand, passion and values to life.

    We’ve spent over ten years creating and crafting films for clients all over the world; won awards, been to parties, sat in board meetings and woken up on beaches in the Caribbean to capture sunrises.

    Our clients live and work in Sydney through to New York.
    Our team of creatives live and work in Singapore through to LA.
    And we live in Amsterdam & London – two of the world’s greatest capital cities.

    Our clients (collaborators would be a nicer way of putting it) include Akzo Nobel, State Street, ING, HSBC, TomTom, HEINEKEN, Action, OLX, Achmea, Philips and Denham – The Jeanmaker.

    Our philosophy is simple: whatever it takes to tell a great story.