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    Seamless Connections

    A seamless story about PostNL

    #Employee Communications #Employee Content #PostNL #Story

    We worked with PROOF and the leadership team at PostNL to create a clear and compelling story about their future.

    As part of the delivery and alignment of the story, we have created various pieces of film content including the Seamless Connections. A beautiful (even if we do say so ourselves) film that sees our protagonist seamlessly connect the various worlds and scenarios that PostNL do and will work in.

    The film is shot in a single take and, along side our main actor, features PostNL staff playing the extra roles.

    Due to the subject matter we’re not actually able to show you the film but if you ask really nicely – we might be persuaded to come and see you and show you then.

    For more information about our work for PostNL or the film please contact Famke on +31 20 460 4600.