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    Blue Room

    Connecting management & employees

    #Blue Room #Employee Content #Event #Philips #Story

    Philips wanted us to connect 120,000 people around the world with their Global Leadership Forum.

    Our task: Turn a high level management into a daily, interactive story accessible around the world.

    Our challenge: To create engagement, buy-in, content and narrative. This was not about streaming but about creating an online event that had heart and soul.

    Our solution: We wanted this story to be told by employees for employees. In the space of three weeks, we ran a global recruitment campaign for two presenters, designed a set, created a programme format, and added unique graphics and music. Five shows broadcasted globally through the Philips intranet, including location reports, interviews, interactivity and great presenters.

    The result: A success not only at the leadership event, but also around the Philips globe. It became an event within an event – successfully delivering the leadership messages to the wider community and providing a candid connection point on what Philips is doing and where they are going.

    To view the case film, call the office and we’ll send you over the highly confidential link – we’ll need your house keys though. Speak to Famke in the office, +31 20 760 4600.