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Our Code of Conduct

Akzo Nobel has updated its Code of Conduct – its rules… or guidelines is perhaps a better way of putting it … that shapes how the organisation behaves, interacts with itself and the outside world, and how it does business.

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Our challenge was to find a way of telling the Code of Conduct story to help embed it internationally and to find a way of positioning it with all stakeholders.

We adopted a number of different approaches (Miss Conduct! Awesome) before quickly settling on and developing an idea we called “The Story of being Human”.

The rationale was simple: we have a code of conduct because we’re human beings, we have the freedom to make choices, to do things our way and not necessarily yours.

The film tells the story of a mother (our Akzo Nobel employee), her son and the choices they make.

From the outset we wanted to surprise our audience and give them something that invested the Code of Conduct with a life outside Akzo Nobel. It needed to appeal to all stakeholders and be broad enough to work internationally.

It’s a brave step for any client to sail into uncharted waters. This was therefore a major departure from the way Akzo Nobel had traditionally communicated, but it was worth it. The film has been a huge success and brings to life a set of rules and regulations, connecting them not so much to the business but to our lives and the everyday decisions we make in the office and at home.