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    The Green Room

    The award winning story platform we created for HEINEKEN

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    HEINEKEN Green Room is a successful new online platform which facilitates employee advocacy and storytelling. Aimed at the internal audience of 81 thousand employees but with the majority of content shareable externally, all videos, blogs, photos and fact cards are generated by employee reporters. Fully mobile compatible. Green Room is where employees share their on-the-ground HEINEKEN experiences, inspire each other and be stronger company and brand advocates. And it’s fun.

    78% of employees are proud to work at HEINEKEN meaning there is a real opportunity to take advantage of employee advocacy. With 81 thousand employees worldwide and the ingredients for brand advocacy there, the challenge was to find a way to channel this positive energy. Flickering Wall decided the way forward was to empower storytelling and sharing from the bottom up. Have employees tell and share their unique HEINEKEN experiences. Empower their brand advocacy by putting facts at their fingertips which they can share face-to-face or via social media.

    How? By using the ingredients of storytelling: Storytellers, content, tools, a platform and an audience.
    This led to the creation of HEINEKEN Green Room: an online platform for storytelling and sharing. Aimed at the huge internal audience but where the majority of content was open to the outside world too, it was a digtally advanced, fully mobile compatible platform, created by the ‘grass roots’ of the organization.

    Green Room was launched in March 2015. We trained reporters, sent out Green Room camera kits to all corners of the world and introduced employees to the basics of storytelling. Hurdles included making it work seamlessly on HEINEKEN’s global IT infrastructure, security and legal compliance.

    Green Room replaces two existing platforms: One (internal digital magazine) and World of Heineken (external print and online magazine).

    Early response to the platform has been very positive, with great content from all over the world. Videos, blogs, photography and Fact Cards that support debate and advocacy about HEINEKEN’s role in society. Green Room is proving capable of bringing it together with an authentic voice, true to brand. Increasing employee pride and advocacy. On launch day 70% of people in the Netherlands shared an item online, 41% of these were on Facebook.

    WINNER: Digital Awards in Berlin

    For more information about the Green Room, give Famke a call on +31 20 760 46 00.