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Everything’s possible

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In 2016, Vodafone and cable operator Ziggo announced plans to merge their operations in the Netherlands. By the start of 2017, the deal was done. For Ziggo, it was the second major change, following a merger with UPC, in 2015. So it’s big news. But it’s also just the start. As the media interest fades, the real work awaits: turning VodafoneZiggo into one company. And that begins internally.

PROOF’s involvement in this process focuses on the newly combined Customer Operations department. The challenge is to further the integration of its 7,000 employees and ensure that they 1), know each other, and 2), also understand how each person can add mutual value for customers.

PROOF developed an internal campaign: Alles Kan (Everything’s Possible) at VodafoneZiggo. The crux is having the right mindset. Believing that, by working together, there are no limits on what VodafoneZiggo can do for its customers. That results and enjoying your work go hand in hand. That it’s better to think in solutions rather than limitations – especially when it involves something as essential as customer service.

Flickering Wall was responsible for the production of the campaign launch during the management day.