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Daar zit meer achter

Together with MADE BY JACK we created an online ‘video game’

#Drama #Employer Branding #Game #Interactive #Made by Jack #Online

With a growing elderly population, the Netherlands is going to need a lot more geriatric care nurses. But the sector has a problem. It’s not glamorous, and its image is not always positive. And yet the requirements, opportunities and chances are huge. So how do you get nursing students on the country’s ‘higher professional’ (HBO) university courses excited about the idea of working in elderly care? How do you take them beyond the image? With the campaign called ‘HBO-V in de ouderenzorg: Daar zit meer achter’ we give students, teachers and potential career-switchers with an online experience a real sense of how interesting this field is. They are challenged to use their competencies, and it quickly becomes clear that elderly care not only demands knowledge and skills, but also creativity, collaboration, decisiveness and common sense.