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Compliance – Tailor

Part of a series of films about compliance and in particular – asking the right questions

#Campaign #Compliance #Drama #Fun #HSBC #Taylor

World leader HSBC Private Bank wanted an Internal Campaign that would truly connect their Relationship Managers to their clients, so that the company could continue delivering the high-end, tailored solutions they are known for.

Our task: Translate the goal into something the viewer could identify with, so that the message would stick in their minds on a daily basis.

Our challenge: How to show that you can only give the best possible advice if you ask the right questions?
Our solution: Just like HSBC, Flickering Wall also deals with high-end, tailored solutions. So we knew where they were coming from. And we knew where they should go.

How to tap into the original definition of ‘bespoke’? Head over to London’s oldest and most prestigious garment district, Saville Row, and get the advice of some bonafide tailors.

A suit on Saville Row will start around 7000 Euros; each one is made by hand. It is a hefty investment and that means fit should not just cover the shape and size, but also the personality, lifestyle and character of the person it’s fitted for.

The result: A film that showed the delicacies of the ‘tailor-made’ process – and what happens when it goes horribly wrong.

In the words of British Airways: this film has been edited so it’s suitable to all viewers – i.e., those who don’t work for HSBC.